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Most common questions

With an effort to be transparent and assist the community as much as possible, we will continue to add facts and FAQ's here for viewers.

Question: If I’m not a part of the project, will I be forced to connect to the new sewer?
Answer: No. IC 36-9-23-30 (see References section for full text) gives municipalities the right to
require connection to a sanitary sewer if it’s located within 300 feet of your property line
but does not require it. In addition, IC 36-9-23-30.1 allows for an exemption from this
requirement if your property is located outside of the municipal boundary and your
septic system is in good working condition.

Question: If my septic system fails, will I be required to connect to the sewer?
Answer: Per Clark County Ordinance 34-2017, Chapter 6, Part 1, Section 6-1-1(B) (see
References section for full text), the County Health Department may potentially require
you to connect if your property is within 150 feet of the sewer and it’s reasonably
feasible to connect to it.

Question: Where will construction start?
Answer: It’s anticipated that construction will begin in Sellersburg, then potentially in the
Starlight area.

Question: When will construction start?
Answer: This depends on funding availability for each of the 4 segments that make up the entirety of Borden Sellersburg Regional Wastewater Cooperative Project. The goal is for all the stakeholders to work together on grants and partnerships so there is no financial impact on current rate payers. The overall project will be broken out into 4 separate projects with each being funded by different sources and stakeholder partnerships. Segment 3 & 4 (Deam Lake to and through the Town of Sellersburg and then to the Sellersburg Wastewater Treatment Plant) will potentially be the first to begin construction. Depending on funding availability, construction could begin within 2-7 years. Overall, all 4 segments being completed for this regional initiative could take anywhere from 5-20 years depending on need, funding availability, and the continued support from all stakeholders.


Question: Is Sellersburg or Borden going to annex anything as part of this?

Answer: No. There will be ZERO annexations into either of the towns as part of this. Annexation laws within the state have changed since the mass annexations that were seen in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Doing forced annexations today is a very difficult, lengthy, and costly process to an incorporated community. Neither the Town of Borden nor the Town of Sellersburg have any interest in annexing parts of unincorporated Clark County including Starlight. Instead, their focus is inward, within their current town borders, to improve their current communities as they are now. This Regional Partnership is part of addressing some of those issues.


Question: How can I get updates about the project?
Answer: This website will be updated and monitored regularly, and visitors can see updated FAQ's and facts here. 

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